Menghapus Kelebihan Spasi Antar-Kata MSWord

Seringkali, ketika melakukan copy-paste teks dari .pdf ke Word, banyak spasi yang berlebih antar-kata. Bisa jadi spasi itu lebih dari dua atau tiga ketukan. Melelahkan dan membuang waktu jika harus menyesuaikan satu per satu.

Ternyata fasilitas Find and Replace bisa digunakan untuk keperluan itu.

Pertama, hidupkan opsi Use Wildcard. (klik More lebih dulu)

Kemudian pada kolom Find, ketikkan : ([ ])[ ]{1;}

Sedangkan pada kolom Replace, ketikkan: \1

Selanjutnya klik Replace All.

Menghilangkan spasi berlebih di MS Word

Menghilangkan spasi yang berlebih antar kata/ kalimat di MS Word

Saya menggunakan pemisah titik (bukan koma) di setting regional saya. Jika cara tersebut tidak berhasil, bisa dicoba menggunakan ([ ])[ ]{1,} untuk setting bahasa yang menggunakan koma sebagai pemisah desimal.

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Self Publishing Part 8: The Wisdom of Fonts – 10 book typefaces that can’t go wrong

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Typographic AnatomyClick to enlargeWhat makes up a Typeface?
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A typical book has between 25,000 and 100,000 words. They are the feature of the book that readers interact with the most, spending hours poring over them. But when was the last time you read a book and thought “Wow, that plot twist at the end blew me away and the font choice of 11pt Baskerville Old Face was a masterful touch!”

The fact is that, despite all the close scrutiny that the body text of a book receives, most readers fail to notice the careful design choices made by the publisher at all—and that is how it should be. Imagine listening to a long speech by a man who constantly waves one hand around wildly as he talks, or a woman who speaks so quietly you have to strain to hear…

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